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Shower Doors & Enclosures Woodinville

The designs for shower doors and enclosures have no boundaries. They come in a wide variety of options, ranging from the simple shower curtains to wooden and glass door varieties. In Woodinville, you can rely on Glass Doctor of Seattle for all your shower door and enclosure needs.

One of the most famous designs of shower doors and enclosures is the shower glass. Many home owners choose this type of product for their shower doors and enclosures not only because it makes the bathroom look bigger and elegant, but also because of its durability and it works within their budget. Below are a few types of glasses that are commonly used for shower doors and enclosures.

1. Clear Glass – Most people choose clear glass for their shower doors. Since the glass is very simple and does not have too many designs, it is an inexpensive option that does not put a dent into the budget. In fact, it is the most standard and basic option. You should know that this type of glass does not offer any privacy. If you live in Woodinville and you choose this type of glass, the Glass Doctor of Seattle is the right place to go.

2. Tinted Glass – You can upgrade the clear glass option by choosing a glass that is slightly tinted. Tinted glasses offer more privacy than clear glass door. Also, a glass with green, bronze, grey hue, or a mirror-backed door will give the illusion of a bigger bathroom and also reflects light. The Glass Doctor of Seattle is serving all areas of Woodinville for various shower glass needs.

3. Antique Glass – A shower door made of antique glass can be of varying thickness to give it an aged and old look. This is an upgrade design of a shower glass. The glass may also look hazy or smoky, so as to create the illusion of being old and being handed down from generation to generation. This shower glass is also offered at Glass Doctor of Seattle in Woodinville.

4. Rain Glass – A rain glass door gives the appearance of falling drops on the glass. If you are looking to relax in the shower, then this type of glass will offer peace and tranquility. It also offers plenty of privacy.

5. Bubble Glass – Bubble glass is similar to rain glass door, but it looks more cohesive. If you have seen bubbles underwater, you can imagine the same pattern imitated on the bubble glass. You feel as if all the bubbles have been captured in the glass. Like the rain glass, this type of glass also offers privacy. Both rain and bubble glasses are upgrade designs of a shower glass and are also offered at Glass Doctor of Seattle in Woodinville.

6. Customized Etched Or Embossed Glass – Glasses for showers also come with many designs that are either etched or embossed. You can get various designs according to your choice. This type of glass is the most expensive.

Another common form of a shower glass door or enclosure is the frosted glass, which is acid-etched. It adds to the beauty of the shower. The obscured style also looks beautiful. It looks as if the glass has been stretched.

 7. Sandblasted Glass – If you want pictures on your glass door, then you must get them sandblasted. Pictures include trees, leaves, lilies, roses, and various animals. You can also have geometric shape or your favorite sportsperson etched on the glass door. This custom-made shower glass allows the home owner to show off his or her personality.

Overall, whichever type of shower glass you choose, it is important to take care of them to maintain their elegance and functionality. At Glass Doctor of Seattle in Woodinville, you will be provided with complete information as to how you can properly maintain the shower glass of your choice. This way, you will not only extend the life of your shower door and enclosure, you are also saving money from the costs of future repairs or replacements.



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