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Seattle Glass Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures | Glass Doctor of Seattle
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Seattle Shower Doors and Enclosures

Glass shower doors and tub enclosures pull light into your bathroom, making it a more spacious, relaxing space. From elaborate, decorative enclosures to simple glass doors, Glass Doctor of Seattle will transform your bathroom into a mini-spa, in as little as one day.

At Glass Doctor of Seattle, we only offer the best shower door and bathtub enclosure options from brands like C.R. Laurence Co.Cardinal Glass, and Alumax.

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By catching the eye, directing light and anchoring the room, it ups the aesthetic and resale value of your home. When it’s time to update your glass doors or shower enclosures, we recommend you review the following:

  • Measure Beforehand – Never trust your eye to know the exact size and shape of a space. It’s important to know the numbers, especially when they may require custom work. One of our technicians will take accurate measurements before we do any work.
  • Optimal Air Flow – It’s important that steam escape. Trapped steam will cause paint to peel and mold to grow around your tub enclosure. If you are interested in a steam room, we also offer kits and ventilation panels to help the steam escape.
  • Showerhead – Make certain that the placement of the showerhead won’t send water flying out into the room or into the wrong part of the shower. It’s a small detail, but immeasurably important.
  • The Room Itself – Think about the design and layout of your bathroom. What is the best way to position your enclosure? What materials are the floor and walls? Where are the wall studs?

Browse our gallery for more great ideas, and call Glass Doctor of Seattle today at 206-337-2376 for the best selection in Seattle.

Glass Doctor offers a great deal of insight on shower door enclosures and custom shower enclosures. Shower doors come in all shapes and sizes. We cater to your design needs and offer our expertise on making your shower space a place of spa-like relaxation. Glass doors and custom shower enclosures bring natural light and make your bathroom area appear more spacious and welcoming.  Whether it’s a simple glass door to an elaborate enclosure frame, we offer repair work that will transform and add longevity to your shower.

A new customized shower enclosure will anchor the focus of your room, aesthetics, and more importantly, adds resale value to your home.  

Only the best shower door and tub enclosures from Glass Doctor of Seattle


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