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Shower Doors & Enclosures Redmond

The shower or bath enclosure is one of the first things you notice about a bathroom, and it should reflect your individual taste and style. The Glass Doctor offers Redmond homeowners a wide range of glass products for your bathroom, including custom shower doors, shower enclosures and bath tub enclosures. 

Your three main considerations when shopping for shower or bath tub enclosure are glass type, framing and style. Read on to learn more. 

Glass Type. The glass you choose for your custom shower enclosure will say a lot about you. Clear glass gives your bathroom a very modern and elegant look, and creates a very open feel. If you have particularly interesting tilework in your shower, clear shower glass will show it off to its fullest advantage. 

If you prefer a bit more privacy, consider frosted or textured glass. Frosted or textured glass will let in light while offering a more private feel. Shower doors with an etched design offers the best of both. The most common design is a solid, horizontal stripe centered across the middle of a clear glass door, but the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Popular designs include bamboo, aquatic life and abstract swirls. 

Framing. Shower or bath enclosures can be constructed with or without a frame. Metal framed enclosures are traditional and very common. The color and texture of the frame can be customized to match your bathroom decor and taste. 

However, frameless construction is increasingly popular. Frameless shower enclosures are made with heavier glass, and use minimal hardware for an unobstructed, elegant look. Although they are more expensive initially, they are sturdier, last longer, and will add value to your home. Homeowners also love them because they are easier to clean. 

Style. Choosing a door style is a matter of deciding how you want your shower door to open. The bypass style door opens and closes by sliding on a track. A pivot door is mounted on a hinge, and usually opens outward (although some designs open inward). 

The style door you select will largely be determined by how much space you have in your bathroom. However, don’t be afraid to let your taste guide you as well. For example, even if you have ample room for a pivot door on your shower stall, a bypass door might be an attractive and very modern alternative. 

Nearly any combination of glass, framing and style is available for your bathroom project. If you’re in Redmond, our experts at The Glass Doctor are ready to help you design the custom shower enclosure of your dreams. Contact us at (206) 337-2376 today for a consultation and estimate.



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