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Shower Doors & Enclosures Mercer Island

Many homeowners choose glass shower doors and shower enclosures because they are stylish and easy to use. One of the popular trends in Mercer Island is installing frameless shower enclosures. They have a lighter, sleek look that compliments modern bathrooms. When choosing shower doors, designers can use pivot, bi-fold or sliding style doors. Doors may be traditional inline, angled or curved. Some of the popular shower enclosure installation choices are inline, neo angle, right angle and custom angles.

Whether the homeowner is remodeling a bathroom and replacing an existing system or building a new bathroom, the Glass Doctor of Seattle can help Mercer Island homeowners. Often, the best option for homeowners is installing custom doors and enclosures. Custom items enhance a room’s beauty in ways that standard items cannot. Renovators who wish to resell the home should consider the advantages of installing custom shower doors and enclosures. 

One of the newest features for a master bath is the steam shower. This style of shower needs special attention to prevent water damage. Although companies sell kits for do-it-yourself hobbyists, it is better to hire a professional, like the Glass Doctor of Seattle, to install a steam shower. 

When choosing the glass, there are many options available to the homeowner. Some people prefer clear glass, but most people choose etched or frosted glass. The design can be an all-over frosted effect or etched designs. Patterned glass offers more privacy due to its heavy texture that causes distorted visual effects. Glass companies offer a wide variety of patterns, allowing the homeowner more flexibility in matching the pattern style to the room’s style. 

Aside from customizing the glass, door style and enclosure shape, a homeowner can choose hardware that compliments the bathroom’s style. Hinges, pulls or knobs and other hardware can have different finishes or styles. Finishes vary from high gloss to brushed, soft ones. Some bathrooms need an antique look while others benefit from contemporary painted hardware, such as white, black or red. Metal finishes include gold-look, nickel, copper, brass and more.

One of the most important decisions is choosing a unit that fits into the homeowner’s budget. Shower doors and enclosures range in price so there is a unit available to fit almost any budget. Even custom doors and enclosures can be surprisingly affordable. Although do-it-yourself kits are cheap, homeowners frequently find out that they can cost more in the end. Some Mercer Island homeowners have learned the hard way that some of these kits have inferior materials or inadequate support and may cause leakage, which can cause structural damage.


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