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Mercer Island Glass Repair & Replacement

Glass adds a touch of elegance to a home’s décor, and its beauty is timeless. Appropriate in combination with brass for a contemporary home or as a top for a mahogany table in a traditional home, glass is a unique expression of sophisticated taste. Majestic homes on Mercer Island deserve the finest in custom glass design that is a hallmark of our artists at Glass Doctor Seattle.

Designing Custom Table Top Glass
An ideal way to protect a treasured antique coffee table or a dining room table is with custom glass that fits perfectly without obscuring the view. Aged wood has a patina that we can enhance with a uniquely designed piece of protective glass. An owner of a treasured piece of antique furniture can allow everyone to use it without fear of damage from water or heat.

Superior Door Glass Repair
Accidents happen occasionally, and a glass door often suffers from an unintentional blow in the wrong place. Glass Doctor can repair or replace the glass in any door with a level of professional skill that is unmatched. 

Clearing Foggy Windows
Changes in temperature that affect the middle space of double-pane windows can create a foggy appearance that detracts from their beauty. Glass Doctor can clear the fog or replace the glass so that the window allows an unobstructed view of the outdoors while letting in the warm rays of the sun.

Foggy windows often allow energy to escape, and we can diagnose the efficiency of each one. The milky appearance can cause permanent damage in some cases if not properly repaired. 

A Centerpiece of Custom Mirror Glass
A handsome frame with the highest quality piece of mirror glass can create a lovely accent in a charming room. Antique frames that reflect a history of elegance and grace give a home owner a unique way to display family heirlooms.

Window Glass for Extreme Temperatures
Our temperatures reach extremes that are unique to our area. We specialize in window glass repair and installation that provides solid protection from high winds on Mercer Island and the accompanying cold temperatures.

Our replacement technicians are skilled in the installation of windows that are energy efficient, providing a practical way to reduce a utility bill. We recommend double-pane or triple-pane windows as the most efficient ways to keep weather influences out of the home.

For a dramatic look in a new patio sun room, our sliding full windows bring the outdoors inside. Our technicians make recommendations that can transform a home into a designer’s dream. We have the finest suppliers who provide the best products on the market for us to install in homes of distinction.


Mercer Island Glass Repair


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