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Filter the sun with Low-E windows

Do you ever see the east facing windows of your home and wish you were wearing a pair of sunglasses? Or maybe the constant need to have the blinds drawn makes your home darker than you’d like? Standard glass in your windows may help with energy efficiency, but Low-E windows will block out the sun’s brightness. 

Low-E window glass lets in the sun, and keeps out its detrimental rays, minimizing the heat that gets into your living or working space. Low-E glass has a thin, metallic coating that resists UV light by about 10%. They have become more and more popular and are now being used in both residences and office buildings.

The sun can cause a lot of fabric fading in furniture and carpet, and this protection can be another kind of cost savings. With Low-E glass, Seattle residents enjoy reduced glare, lower energy costs and protection for their carpets, drapes, and furniture.

For the best Low-E window replacement, Glass Doctor of Seattle technicians will visit you on location and give you a no-obligation estimate. Call us today for a no obligation estimate!

Low-E Windows for your home or office


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