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Kirkland Glass Repair & Replacement | Glass Doctor of Seattle
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Kirkland Glass Repair & Replacement

Glass repair in Kirkland is easy!  Call the Glass Doctor to fix your panes!

Kirkland waterfront

Kirkland waterfront

Glass has a way of making the otherwise ordinary more elegant and inviting. Glass even sounds nice. From the sound it makes when one wine glass gently touches another, to the satisfying squeak of cleanliness you hear when cleaning. Homeowners love their beveled glass doors and mirrors. A tabletop glass makes the perfect centerpiece. When it comes to glass for the home, Kirkland residents rely on Glass Doctor. Whether needing repair or replacement, one of their expert technicians makes a house call and solves the problem.

Window Glass Repair and Installation

Glass Doctor takes care of residential windows and auto glass and windshields. Your Kirkland technician happily replaces anything from a pane of glass, to a whole set of windows. If your car windshield or side window is broken, Glass Doctor’s mobile specialists will come to you and replace the glass. 

Windows do not have to be broken to stop serving you well. When windows let heat escape, it is a good idea to consider replacing them. Solving this often saves homeowners dramatically. Think about it: A furnace works much better when the heat stays inside the home.

Glass Doctor replacement windows come in an unending array of styles and options from Cascade and PlyGem. The cost may be less than a new heating and air unit. Replacement windows add value to your home. 

Door Glass Repair

Kirkland residents are increasing the value of their homes with a little help from the Glass Doctor. An inviting entrance adds street appeal. The light from a modern door-glass adds to the benefit, creating a warm and comfortable indoor space as well. Technicians repair broken door-glass by replacing it with an attractive, efficient insert. Glass Doctor fits inserts to existing doors. It is a great way to improve a windowless door. They install French doors, storm doors, sliding glass, and more. Ask your Glass Doctor technician about glass for your kitchen cabinets.

Custom Tabletop Glass

Glass table tops come in any shape you desire. Glass is a great way to dress up your antique, dining, or coffee table. It makes a nice writing surface for desks and conference room tables.

Custom Mirror Glass

Looking at yourself in Kirkland is becoming more enjoyable. Glass Doctor technicians are adding accents to mirrors. Antiquing adds a vintage appeal. Decorative etching dresses up any mirror. Glass Doctor technicians also know how to tint and bevel. Decide what you want, and put them to work. Take advantage of your sliding closet door by turning it into a full-length mirror. Consider full-mirrored walls for creating the illusion of a larger space. 

Foggy Window Repair

Let Glass Doctor increase your home’s energy efficiency by replacing worn-out, foggy windows. These insulated glass units (IGUs) are commonly called, “double-paned.” They consist of two panes of glass with a layer of air in between. The design helps your controlled climate to maintain itself, so the heating and air unit runs less. As these windows age, condensation develops inside causing a milky or foggy appearance. The windows are unattractive and inefficient. Replacing them beautifies your home and helps to lower your heating and cooling expense.

When it comes to glass in the home, people in Kirkland rely on Glass Doctor of Seattle. The technician comes to the customer and delivers professional and courteous work. Call Glass Doctor for all of your residential glass needs.

Glass Repair

Glass Repair by Glass Doctor


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