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Foggy Window Repair Seattle | Glass Doctor of Seattle
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Raise your home’s efficiency by repairing your foggy windows. 

Old foggy windows need to be repaired, as they may be losing you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted energy. If you think your windows need to be repaired, contact Glass Doctor of Seattle for a free, no risk estimate.

Glass Doctor of Seattle will diagnose whether a fogged window is repairable or if it needs to be replaced.

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) are commonly referred to as “double-paned windows.” These windows contain two panes of glass separated by sealed air space, and help insulate your home from temperature extremes. As they age, however, they may begin to get condensation between the panes, giving them a “milky” appearance.

Glass Doctor of Seattle will diagnose your situation and tell you whether or not your foggy windows can be repaired or if they need to be replaced with new, energy-efficient windows.

Why should I replace them?

Foggy windows cause your home to lose energy efficiency. If you have an older home subject to frequent temperature changes, the right windows help balance the indoor climate. That balance allows you to run your heating and air conditioning less, saving you money.

In addition to the energy savings, double-paned glass reduces the condensation on the inside of the glass, as well as lowering the noise transfer from outside.

Aren’t they more expensive?

Double paned windows do tend to cost more than basic single panes, but that cost is easily recovered through lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.

Glass Doctor of Seattle can help you select the windows that are right for your home from a wide variety of manufacturers. Call  206-337-2376 for an appointment today!


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