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Shower Doors & Enclosures Bellevue

For new bathrooms and those that need remodeling in the Bellevue area, numerous styles of shower and bath tub enclosures are on the market. Interior designers, builders and owners can order custom doors and enclosures for bathrooms. Professional services include advice on bathroom shower and tub enclosure style and type as well as installation of the chosen elements. Modern doors and enclosures for tubs and showers are beautiful additions to enhance the space and improve the overall experience.

Types of Doors for Showers and Tubs

Here are the two basic types of shower doors:

Hinged – Hinged doors attach to shower wall enclosures and open or close by hardware hinges. The doors usually swing outward into the bathroom. These hinged doors stay closed with a magnet or latch mechanism.

Sliding – Set into tracks above and below, the sliding doors usually are two that slide past each other to make the enclosure. On separate tracks, the two doors are side by side. The doors frequently have a towel bar secured horizontally across their middle that double as handles for opening and shutting the doors.

Enclosures for Showers and Tubs

Enclosed showers and tubs use either hinged with wall enclosures or sliding doors. Modern enclosures are beautifully designed. They take up no extra space in the room while they enhance the interior of the decor. Useful for containing the water in the bathtub and shower so that the floor of the bathroom stays dry, the enclosure helps to keep the steam and warmth inside the bathing area for ultimate hydrotherapy as well.

Framed or Frame-less

The doors and enclosures are either framed with a metal border or they are without frames. For a clean and modern look, the frame-less enclosures and doors are popular. However, the framed styles remain well-loved and often selected. Frames come with finishes as follows:

– Antiqued
– Brass
– Chrome or silver-toned
– Gold-toned

The Glass for Bathroom Enclosures

Enclosures surrounding bathtubs and showers are generally made from glass or manufactured synthetic glass. On those without frames, the glass is slightly thicker and of more durable quality. The glass is designed for safety in the bathroom. The glass comes in clear or a number of different textures and patterns as follows:

– Frosted
– Ribbed
– Stained glass
– Various other patterns

Transforming the Bathroom Retreat

The bathroom is easily transformed by replacing old shower curtains with modern tub and shower enclosures and doors. The numerous styles make them appealing and matching to various decors and tastes. Custom doors and enclosures are available to meet the demands of size and desired style. Installation is not a long process, and the finished enclosures are functional and elegant.


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