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How to Check for Window Leaks - Glass Doctor Seattle
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How to Check for Window Leaks

If your home is like many in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably got a lot of older doors and windows that make things feel a bit drafty when the mercury drops. Some windows and doors may be worse than others, so if you want to avoid replacing all of your glass with energy efficient windows, you’ll want to identify which are costing you the most money on your energy bills. Here’s how to check for window leaks:

Step 1: Close Up Your House

Start by closing all of your windows and doors and making sure no fans, furnaces, or air conditioners are running. Ensuring the air flow is as close to zero as possible will help you get an accurate result.

Step 2: Light a Candle or Lighter

Monitoring a small smoke trail or a flickering flame will help give you a visual clue as to whether or not a particular window is leaking. Slowly take your candle or lighter and move it around the edge of the window frame. Hold the flame straight upright and keep a close eye – if it moves around or toward the window frame, there’s a good chance there’s an air leak. 

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

Repeat step 2 for all the windows and doors in your home. Write down which are particularly drafty and which ones don’t seem to be as bad. Remember, for every leak, that’s another multiplier that will rack up your energy bill every month. Take a close look at each affected area of the window frames and see if there’s anything visibly wrong with the seal or frame. Cracks and improper seals are surprisingly common, but aren’t quite so easy to fix if they’re prevalent all around your home.

Step 4: Get a Repair or Replacement

The only way to ensure your home’s energy system is operating efficiently is to replace your old, drafty windows with new energy efficient glass from Glass Doctor Seattle. Homeowners who invest in new windows experience dramatically reduced energy costs, possible tax rebates on new windows purchased, and the peace of mind that comes with a bright, beautiful new set of windows.

For an estimate or to learn more about our energy efficient window panes, contact Glass Doctor Seattle today!


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