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Emergency Glass Repair | Glass Doctor of Seattle
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Emergency glass repair services, 24 hours a day

Emergency glass repair is never needed during work hours – hence why it is an emergency — but being covered is necessary for your business. That’s why our glass experts at Glass Doctor of Seattle are available to take care of your glass emergencies 24/7.

When you need a window or storefront replaced or just boarded up, you need it done quickly and affordably. At Glass Doctor of Seattle, we believe in excellent service and quality products so that your business gets the best value for its money.

From Emergency Board-up Service to Advance Measurement Plans, Glass Doctor has unique services to exceed business customers’ expectations. We can repair, replace or install:

  •     Store fronts
  •     Mirrors
  •     Display cases
  •     Glass walls
  •     Mail slots
  •     Safety and fire-rated glass
  •     Bullet and bomb resistant glass
  •     Package doors
  •     Entry door hardware
  •     Panic hardware
  •     Energy efficient, insulated glass
  •     Reflective or tinted glass
  •     Scratch removal

The Glass Doctor of Seattle Commercial Care service provides your business:

  •     Priority After-Hours Response
  •     Discount Emergency Board-Up Service Rates
  •     Membership Pricing on All Work Performed
  •     Commercial Accounts Setup
  •     Skilled Team of Technicians Dedicated to Your Property
  •     A Commercial Care Discount of 15% Applied to All Auto Glass Jobs Called in by the Property

A broken storefront window is not only a security concern, but can lose you business

Glass Doctor of Seattle offers businesses emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you need it, emergency service will board up any damaged windows and glass, and take measurements for replacement glass. Depending on availability, replacement glass can be delivered and installed within two days. If Glass Doctor of Seattle has the correct glass in stock, it can be cut to fit either at our shop, or at your business with our mobile glass shop on wheels.

Work Advanced Measurements into your disaster recovery plans

Don’t wait until tragedy strikes to measure the glass at your business. Waiting until then will only add to the time it takes for you to have the safety and security of your business restored. Glass Doctor of Seattle’s Advance Measurement System helps businesses prepare for when their glass will break, not if their glass might break.

Advance Measurement saves the time of an initial assessment service call and ensures measurement accuracy. A Glass Doctor of Seattle Tacoma technician will come to your location and determine the types of glass in the apartment complex, hotel, office building, retail establishment, or other business. Next, the technician measures the glass that would be needed in case of breakage. The glass types and measurements are kept on file at the Glass Doctor of Seattle. If something happens, the customer can simply call Glass Doctor of Seattle, explain which glass needs to be replaced, and the glass is ordered immediately. If the glass is in stock it can be cut to fit.

Businesses can incorporate Advance Measurement and Emergency Service into their disaster recovery strategy plans.

Our Commercial Care Door Services can keep your business safe and secure. If your business’ entry doors are misaligned, closing too fast or too slow, difficult to lock, leaking or damaged, Glass Doctor of Seattle professional glass technicians can repair or replace them at your convenience. With Commercial Care, Glass Doctor of Seattle will make your service calls our top priority and keep an inventory of the specific hardware required. Our mobile glass shops can keep your doors open and closed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



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