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Woodinville Auto Glass Repair & Replacement | Glass Doctor of Seattle
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Woodinville Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Auto glass is one of those technologies people take for granted. As long as it is reasonably clean, it is the furthest thing from our thoughts–until damaged. A chipped windshield compromises your safety; it also jeopardizes the vehicle’s good looks. Glass Doctor comes to the rescue in Woodinville. Their expert technicians bring their knowledge to your front door. Scheduling a repair is easy, and once you turn it over to the pros, you can get back to your life.

Your Glass Doctor technician will determine how to best address the repair. Safety is the priority. If the hole goes all the way through to the inside of the glass, it is ineligible for repair. If the damage measures a half inch or less, a simple repair will give you the performance you deserve. Windshields are made with laminated auto glass. They consist of two layers of glass with a layer of plastic in between. This safe design makes it more likely that the chip is superficial. Some chips remind you of a spider web. The effect makes it necessary to replace the windshield.

An important part of the mission of Glass Doctor is keeping customers safe. Their philosophy is that small chips and cracks need replaced as soon as possible; repair is inexpensive and prevents the problem from getting worse. A technician comes to your home in Woodinville and finishes the task within one hour. Glass Doctor works with insurance companies; most of them cover glass repair. A Glass Doctor repair restores the windshield to the original condition and keeps another piece of glass out of the landfill. The repair saves you money while preserving the environment.

Some damage is impossible to repair. Glass Doctor’s replacement measures up to the original factory specified quality. All windshields are original equipment manufactured (OEM) and come from the same source used by automakers. The windshield fits correctly. Our technicians expertly avoid problems by following the correct procedure. Most replacement windshields let air-noise and water in through an inferior seal. The opposite is true at Glass Doctor. Our twelve-month breakage-free warranty comes with every replacement.

Your car is likely equipped with tempered glass in all the side windows. Tempered glass comes apart in small cubes when it breaks. The precaution prevents glass from breaking into dangerous shards. Our experts restore side glass to factory specifications.

Glass Doctor is your auto glass repair center. We handle all repairs and replacements. Side and rear glass is another service we provide. When your auto glass needs professional attention, give us a call. Your safety is our priority.


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