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Windshield Replacement Kent WA | Glass Doctor of Seattle
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Windshield Replacement Kent WA

When you need a diagnosis for your windshield, the Glass Doctor of Seattle provides the professional support and tools to get the job done right. Any problem with your windshield can be intimidating, and you may not know if an entire replacement is necessary. These concerns are valid because any damage to the glass could present a potential road hazard. To remain safe while on the road, get advice from our experts as soon as possible after you notice any problems.

Windshield Replacement Kent

Windshield replacement technicians are standing by to help you determine the extent of the problem and suggest appropriate solutions. Not every windshield will need to be replaced. Some minor chips can be repaired, but large chips and cracks usually require an entire replacement. 

Ignoring the problem is not recommended. There are several dangers associated with leaving the glass in a compromised state:

Structural Integrity – Windshields provide support to the entire vehicle. When the glass is weak, the structural support for the roof and frame are also compromised, which could cause serious damage in the event of a collision.

Airbag Resistance – When airbags are released during an impact, they rely on the integrity of the windshield to provide resistance. If the windshield is weak, the airbag could potentially break through the glass. This could also injure any people in the vehicle instead of protecting them.

Visibility – Even the slightest problem with visibility could increase the risk of being involved in an accident.

Our Windshield Repair Technicians

Replacements should only be performed by professional technicians with the tools and skills necessary to do the job safely. The process of extracting a windshield from the body of the vehicle is a very exact procedure. If it is not done right, the new windshield can slip out of place if the adhesive does not seal correctly. This is an unnecessary risk. Our professionals have the experience, training and equipment to perform your windshield replacement correctly the first time. Kent residents should call Glass Doctor of Seattle for any windshield problems. We look forward to serving your needs.


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