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Windshield Replacement Issaquah

Think of your windshield as your best friend. It’s your car’s first and best line of defense in case of an accident. When something happens to it, you need the help of the pros.

Size Does Matter

Look carefully at the location and extent of your damage. That will determine if you need a repair or a total windshield replacement Issaquah. In most cases, a crack that’s the size of a quarter or less than three inches long can generally be repaired, relieving you and your insurance company of the cost of a windshield replacement in Issaquah.

Location Counts Too!

Real estate isn’t the only area where placement counts. It also has a bearing on whether your windshield needs to be replaced. If your cracks begin at the edge of the windshield, there is a good chance that they will quickly spread and can wreck havoc with the structural integrity of the glass. In cases such as this, replacement is usually recommended. If your crack is located directly in your line of vision as a driver, replacement will probably also be your best bet. This is because even the most high quality repair may result in distortions in the glass that could interfere with a driver’s line of sight.

When Replacement is a Must

If you have been in a major accident and your windshield suffered extensive damage, there is no other option but to replace it. The same is true if it has been hit by a large object or suffered from heavy impact. Procrastinating or attempting subpar do-it-yourself repairs could be a life-threatening mistake, since damage to your glass can increase over time. Instead, take care of your windshield just as you would your best friend: call us and we will provide expert windshield replacement in Issaquah.


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