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Glass Doctor G12 Guarantee | Glass Doctor of Seattle
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The Glass Doctor G12 12-month windshield breakage guarantee

The Glass Doctor G12 guarantee, is a promise that if your windshield is damaged or broken within (12) months of the replacement date, Glass Doctor will repair or replace the windshield glass. 

It is Glass Doctor’s commitment to their customers and the NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association) to make a concerted effort to repair the windshield first. The repair process will save you time, save your windshield and help save the environment. If the damage to your windshield glass is smaller than a dollar bill, Glass Doctor will be able to restore your windshield’s structural integrity with visual clarity. The repair process will NOT cancel the remaining term of your guarantee.

The following guidelines apply:

  • The term of guarantee is for (12) months
  • All claims must be reported to the original installation center before the expiration date of the guarantee
  • Coverage is limited to normal road hazards
  • Service on the vehicle under coverage must be performed at a Glass Doctor physical location

The following Exclusions apply:

  • Damage due to collision, intentional acts, fraud and acts of God
  • Commercial and fleet vehicles having a GVW more than one (1) ton
  • RVs and Motorcoaches

When you purchase a replacement windshield with the G12 Guarantee, you can purchase an additional G12 Value Package that includes installation (labor, kit, molding, and clips), Aquapel® treatment and new wiper blades. Contact your local Glass Doctor for details.

This guarantee is a ONE TIME only offer and does not include; labor, kit, molding or clips.


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