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RV Glass Repair and Maintenance

Still thinking of replacement? Some advantages to repairing the windshield with Glass Doctor: it’s more convenient, inexpensive and gives insurance advantages.

RV windshield repairs should be addresses as soon noticed. The size and severity of the problem will determine the contention for repair. Another determination is the location of the breakage.  Risk for spreading cracks happen when the impact occurs at the edge of the windshield.  Cracks in the line of site will also need to be addressed as soon as possible for safety precautions. The only time you should ever consider replacement is when the problem goes unattended for a long period of time.  Any chip or crack can expand over time without addressing the problem. If a crack or chip remains relatively small, no more than three inches, the crack can be pieced back together and look like new without the cost of replacing the windshield. 

RV Glass Maintenance


RV window rock chip types

If there are any discrepancies in your windshield that could obscure your vision in any way, it’s best to take care of it before it gets worse. There are many types RV models and thicknesses of window glass. Types of windows we can repair: fixed pane, sliding pane, awning, frameless, or egress.  Long-term use of your RV vacationing can cause weathering and age your window. Depending on the model or age of your motor home will also factor in how much maintenance the vehicle will need. Different models take alternative glass thicknesses.  If you want to save money assess the problem as soon as possible. The likelihood that chip will spread is greater if the damage goes ignored.  Over time, aging will cause damaged glass to get worse. Before going through a repair process, know what kind of glass your going to patch up. We repair all varieties of glass thickness and damage severity. Increase the longevity of your RV by opting to repair with Glass Doctor’s RV glass repair services.

Side Windows

Many RV side windows fall into the fixed pane or stationary window category. Fixed pane windows, more often than not do not open.  More often than not, fixed framed windows are composed of riveted or welded steel frames. What should concern you is the metal protection, if it’s long lasting and the weatherproofing. If the metal frame is painted over, the metal won’t withstand weathering, unless the metal has been treated with a galvanized coating. Metal framing has a higher longevity advantage as opposed windows framed with wood paneling. Wood frames have potential for leaking in rainwater, thus causing a possible mold or rotting problem to occur inside the framework. This can be very difficult to clean without completely removing, cleaning or replacing the window frame. Fixed pane windows are also the least inexpensive to replace if significant damage is done to the glass or frame.

Sliding pane windows are side window designs that open. Another type of side window is awning, which have a lever crank to open portions of the grid-like window. This type is best for ventilation and optimal for traveling in warmer weather. Sliding glass windows come in three different types: tempered, laminated, and Plexiglas. Plexiglass is inexpensive and is the easiest to damage. Laminated glass is composed of at least two glass sheets laminated to one another with vinyl. Tempered glass has been treated with heat to enhance the strength and durability. Frameless windows are similar to fixed panes, except they open as well. From the interior of the camper, there actually is a frame for window placement. From the outside of the camper only the glass is visible. Frameless windows are equally durable to a framed window. Motor home owners may choose frameless purely for design preference.

Foggy RV Window Damage

Most RV’s have factory-sealed insulated glass window treatment. The sealant for motor home windows is usually comprised of thermo pane-type glaze, which are glass sheets fused together. This acts as insulation to avoid any water leaking or causing condensation. Over extensive use of your motor home, sealant in glass will be subject to wear and tear. Weather and altitude are just a few of many factors that can cause insulation to deteriorate. Windows that have fogged could be due to leaking in moisture. If this problem goes ignored, the interior framework of the window could deteriorate and cause molding within the frame. Factory RV windows are sealed at the top, to ensure no water will run into the window or the sides.  Fogging within the windows often looks like condensation that cannot be wiped clean. In this situation, the best, and bargain option is to have a maintenance expert remove the window(s) give them a tune up, and re-install them. To remove the window without damaging the paint job, professionals remove the seal, then the window. When the window is removed any remaining sealant should be removed so that there is a smooth surface for the window to rest. Any uneven surface will cause this whole reinstallation to go to waste. A smooth and even placement will support the glass and will meet the original factory alignment. To inspect the problem in full, the glass should be inspected under a number of different lighting conditions. Good lighting will help deter overlooked problems by catching potential issues in their early stages.  Glass Doctor offers a streamlined repair protocol and insurance paperwork handling.

RV Windshield Repair

Windshields are great deal thicker than side windows. They are double paned and are sandwiched together by a layer of hard plastic. RV windshields are especially durable, however nature can be unforgiving.  Common windshield problems are cracks from debris impact. Keep in mind, cracks that go ignored can weather and expand the width of your windshield. RV windshields are one of the most expensive pieces of vehicle glass. You will want to avoid replacement at all costs, since it can run up to the thousands of dollars.  That amount is an average estimate. Factor in the model, make, and year of your RV to get a more accurate cost estimate. Before the chip turns into a cascading crack, get a professional to seal and repair at a far lower price. Glass Doctor specialists will remove debris from the area and fill the area with a repair substance, like a tooth filling.  Once the resin is in place the restoration process will work its magic. The viscosity of the resin will restore the strength and give new life to the windshield.

Common Types of Glass Impact

Chips and cracks are the most common type of impactful damage that can occur. Whether you’re driving or nature just isn’t on your side, there is almost no way to avoid debris.  Glass damage comes in all shapes and sizes. The weight, material, shape, and velocity of the object will all factor in how bad the chip will impact the glass composition. In the auto industry, there are different names for types of cracks and chips that can hit.  Depending on the scale and direction of impact, star shaped cracks will form from the impact center and radiate short cracks outwards. Star breaks can be repaired easily if the total diameter of the crack including the branches doesn’t exceed three inches. Chipped glass can be from rock vandalism or gravel upturn from driving. 

A bull’s eye chip is caused by an impactful blow, which creates an indent in the outer layer of the glass.  It will appear cone shaped with a circular outer layer and an impact indent. Fortunately, no cracks radiate off of bull’s eye breaks. If the damage is within one inch, it’s fixable.  Similar to a bull’s eye crack, a half moon impact hit has the appearance of a half circle, half cone of separated glass around the damaged center.

Crack combinations can have multiple of the previously named characteristics. Multiple causations become harder to mend , but can still be salvaged if the diameter in damage is in significant. Anything or larger scale will often lead to replacing your entire windshield.


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