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Auto Glass & Windshield Repair Mercer Island

 More than Glass

One of the improvements in automobiles that we seldom appreciate is the windshield. The technology and design that goes into auto glass provides safety along with comfort and protection. Because we take it for granted, windshield repair and windshield replacement seldom gets the attention it deserves.

Automakers design today’s vehicles with the auto glass as a major part of the structural integrity of the body. In accidents and rollovers, properly installed glass provides additional protection from flying debris and potential roof collapse. For these reasons, properly installed auto glass is an important consideration for drivers.

Motorist in Mercer Island understand that chipped and broken windshields are bound to happen. Whether it is a rock or other debris, chips and dings often occur while on the road. While they may seem only minor inconveniences, even small chips weaken the windshield’s integrity. As anyone knows, if not taken care of with a professional windshield repair, these dings spread when subjected to heat extremes or even bad bumps in the road. When this happens, it requires an entire windshield replacement.

The Job of a Certified Professional

When your car does require a windshield repair or a windshield replacement, it is important to remember the role you auto glass plays. The process of windshield repair requires use of special bonding cements and procedures. Technicians that install auto glass receive extensive training on how to replace auto glass safely. 

Without the right training and installation techniques, your windshield can leak or create annoying noises at high speeds. However, the greatest problems with incorrect windshield repair are often unseen. If improperly sealed, moisture can seep in and start serious body rust. It also further weakens the seal around the glass. In an accident, mere expansion of the air bags has caused improperly installed windshields to shatter and pop out. 

Whether is it a simple windshield repair or a complete auto glass repair job, it pays to use a certified installer. Most insurance companies recognize the importance of doing this type of repair correctly. They know that a simple ding often turns into the need for a full windshield repair. As a result, they often exclude the costs from the deductible. This allows drivers to keep their chipped windshields in a safe condition.

Don’t think about auto glass just as something to keep the wind and rain away. Appreciate it for the role it plays in keeping you protected in an accident. When you need a windshield repair or windshield replacement, always use an experienced, certified installer who stands behind their work. This simple step saves a lot of hassle and protects you and your family the way the automakers intend.


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