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Kirkland Auto Glass Repair | Glass Doctor of Seattle
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Kirkland Auto Glass & Windshield Repair

Kirkland auto glass repair and replacement can be pain free – just call the Doctor!

Auto owners in Kirkland rely on The Glass Doctor of Seattle for their windshield repairs and replacements for good reason. They know that they can obtain the best possible results. There is good cause for that. The Kirkland franchise of The Glass Doctor of Seattle has been professionally trained in the best and most current methods of glass repair, guaranteed to meet the tough Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS). What that means to you is that when your repair has been completed, your cracks and chips will be seamlessly repaired. In the case of a total windshield replacement or when complete auto glass repair window replacement is done, the parts used are original manufacturer parts.

In the case of cracks or chips, it is important that you visit or call our Kirkland repair center at the first sign of damage. Timing is important, as small chips can expand exponentially with little advance notice. If that occurs, a safety issue arises. Your field of vision can be drastically affected or in a worst case scenario, the windshield can shatter and cause you and your passengers to suffer physical damage. These are the type of repair we can usually fix in an hour or so. Our method calls for repair on damage areas smaller then a dollar bill. Larger areas generally require total replacement. This is a great way to save you money if you are self insured and a proven way to hold down your insurance premium costs. Speaking of insurance, when you bring your vehicle to us for repair, our service desk will handle all the details involved in dealing with your insurance company. That’s one less headache with which you won’t have to deal.

The Glass Doctor of Seattle stands behind every auto glass repair and windshield replacement. We offer an exclusive G 12, 12-month windshield breakage guarantee. Our repair or replacement service extends beyond autos.

You can trust us to facilitate the highest quality repair work on your travel trailers, boat windshields and recreational vehicles as well. We use the same proven techniques and OEM replacement parts as we do for auto glass repair.

While you are having your windshield repaired, our technicians can install a tinted privacy or solar film coating on your glass that can help prevent your car’s AC from overworking and keep your car running more efficiently. 

Many residents of Kirkland and nearby suburbs prefer to have The Glass Doctor come to their homes or businesses to perform the needed windshield repairs. That option is readily available and eliminates taking time away from your busy schedule. Simply call ahead and schedule an appointment. How easy is that? It is just another reason why auto owners in Kirkland depend on The Glass Doctor of Seattle for all their auto glass issues.


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