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Auto Glass Repair Bellevue

The Glass Doctor of Seattle is a major service provider for customers in the Bellevue area whom are requiring complete auto glass repair or windshield replacement. All of our technicians are certified auto glass replacement specialists who use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass when replacing windshields. 

Our automobile glass repair technicians provide service to your location in a prompt manner whenever you give us a service call or request that best fits your schedule. The service call proceeds to the repair technicians assessing the glass damage to your vehicle, whether that damage is on the windshield, door glass, or side mirrors, and then determining whether the damages can be repaired or if a full windshield replacement is in order. 

Our technicians are trained to follow the strict Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) when conducting work on any vehicle including cars, buses, trucks, tractors, or recreational vehicles. The OEM glass used will always fit perfectly and is always given the added protecting agent to keep the new glass very clear and smooth. Whatever the glass damage may be, the Glass Doctor specialists in Bellevue will usually be done in an hour to two hours at the most. 

After the repair or replacement is finished, the auto glass technician will prescribe the time required for the adhesives or other materials to dry. It is important to remember not to drive during this time as the windshield may not set properly if the car is being driven.

There are two types of breakage, impact breakage and stress fractures or cracks. The more common of the two, impact breakage, usually happens from rocks or other heavy debris being kicked up by the tires of other vehicles while driving at high speeds, although these damages can sometimes happen even at low speeds. The stress cracks occur from the actual windshield glass twisting and bending beyond its maximum point of elasticity, which is usually a result of the car frame twisting and shifting. 

Whatever the damage to your vehicle is, it is important to remember to get the lesser damages repaired as soon as possible before they spread. If the impact point has cracks extending longer than the length of a dollar bill, then the damage can likely not be repaired. 

However, replacing your windshield with Glass Doctor in Bellevue entitles you to the G12 Guarantee, which provides for a free replacement windshield within 12 months of purchase under normal driving conditions.

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